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Drama Free Blinks - CLOSED

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Contact the mods: dfb.mods@gmail.com

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Member Cut was done March 30th, if you feel that you were cut unfairly, please e-mail the mods or comment on one of niftybabe313's posts


This is a Members Only community, for those who love to make blinkies, share them and make them. We are a drama free zone so you will be comfortable as a member here. So be nice to your fellow members when you join. There are no specific makers in this community, only people who love to make blinkies. If you are a member, you are also a maker, you can take requests and fill requests from other members at any time. If you are make a blinkie for someone and want credit just make it clear when you post the blinkie for that member.

In this community you can:
- show off your blinkies whether or not they are customized or are blanks
- request blinkies or blinkie blanks
- show off your glitternames
- request glitternames
- offer freebies
- fill other people's requests
- offer gallery original blinkies
- be friendly and have fun


- 3 Requests Per Week (your week starts on the day you request, you may request again on that same day the following week)
- One of your three requests can be from niftygallery, the other two must be freeware or pixel-to-blinkie
- Number Each Request When You Post Them
- Do Not Request New Blinkies Until Your Previous Ones Have Been Filled And Picked Up
- Do Not Request In Comments, Unless A Maker Offers A Freebie
- If A Maker Requires Credit, Be Sure To Give It To Them
- Don't Direct Link
- Don't Type L1k3 tHi§


niftybabe313 - Tam-Tam - Founder, Maintainer & Mod
nyyhoneybee - Caryn - Co-Mod

sexaybeba - Meredith - Maintainer
____mommacorts - Cortney - Maintainer

Moderators' community: dfb_mods

Contact the mods: dfb.mods@gmail.com
Contact the owner: niftybabe313@gmail.com


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